The sports industry has to think differently. We must ignite change, push boundaries, drive innovation and cultivate meaningful connections.

Technology persistently surpasses our expectations as to what is possible. It transforms the way sport is designed, digitised, delivered and consumed. And it’s only just getting started.

Ignition unites sport and technology. At its core it’s an energetic, experiential, visual display of the most transformative tech, all under one roof. Buzzing with start-up electricity and supported by the industry’s tech giants; it’ll showcase the new creative solutions driving fan and business innovation.

Ignition will deliver the most comprehensive demonstration platform in sport over two days, alongside an integrated mentorship programme to support new players in the industry with extensive guidance, to help scale their business.

Accelerating your supplier selection process and empowering new technology ventures, this new home brought to you by SportsPro, will identify the most interesting advancements and innovations, to help solve your problems, uncover your next meaningful start-up investment, build relationships, and open doors.

Join the inspired, inventive individuals and organisations redefining the future of sport.