Judges Terms and Conditions


As an “Ignition Innovation Competition” Jury Member, you must agree to these conditions. 


1.1 The Ignition Innovation Competition is organised and managed by SportsPro Media Limited, a company registered in England and Wales under the registration number 6667015 and whose registered office is at 4th Floor, 123 Buckingham Palace Road, London, SW1W 9SH, United Kingdom.  

1.2 Reference to “us” and “the Organisers” means SportsPro Media Limited and references to “we” and “our” shall be construed accordingly. Reference to “you” or “Judges” means the entity judging an entry and references to “your” or “their” shall be construed accordingly. Reference to “Entrant” means the entity completing an entry and references to “your” or “their” shall be construed accordingly. 


2.1 As a judge you agree to evaluate the entries in a timely manner. If you are not able to judge the entries in a timely manner, you should let us know in advance so that we could appoint another jury member. 

2.2 As a judge you agree to evaluate the entries in an impartial manner . As a jury member it is your duty to ensure you do not bring to the judging process any preferences that you might have for a company and keep your vote objective and impartial, based only on the entry and material submitted. You explicitly agree not to favour any particular entry during voting. 

2. 3 As a judge you agree to evaluate the entries yourself. You cannot appoint your assistant, colleague, partners or any other third parties to do this task. You must especially judge the entries yourself since this particular task is designated just for you; you are trusted by SportsPro based on your skillset, knowledge and biography; we cannot allow anyone else then you to vote for you. 

2.4 As a judge you agree not to disclose any information about the entries you are voting to anyone, especially the PDF documents uploaded as a part of the entry process, could occasionally include private, internal data. You agree not to share this information with any third parties. You are not permitted to make a copy of entries, to distribute them in digital mediums or to send to another colleague for any reason. If you are unable to judge an entry, you cannot ask others’ opinions. This condition continues after results announcement. The only condition you could share an entry with others is if the entry is publicly announced as a winner, and permission is granted from the entrant. Even in this case you cannot share the PDF version or any other details that were made available to jury only. 

2.5 As a judge you shall not evaluate entries from your own company. We will do our best to ensure you are not assigned entries from your company, however, should we fail to do so, you agree to promptly notify us. 

2.6 As a judge you agree not to make a copy of the entry you are voting in digital or any other medium and if you do so, you must destroy it afterwards. This excludes the automated cache kept by your browser. After judging you shall delete and remove all documents relating to voting, especially the PDF and .png/.jpeg documents (which are visible only to jury) that are submitted as part of the entries must be absolutely deleted after being viewed. 

2.7 As a judge you agree not to prevail the scores they assigned for entries. After the judging process, you cannot let anyone know the score you assigned or which entry you voted for. 

2.8 As a judge you agree to vote entries professionally. Please take your time to vote on entries in a professional, objective manner. Please do not rush or skip entry details; you should download any attached PDF, video, images and check any relevant websites and read the text relating to an entry, especially the “Main Entry”. 

2.9 Judges’ Non-Disclosure; as a judge, you explicitly agree to not to disclose any information, secret or detail regarding an entry; you are responsible for any and all potential damages, and will be responsible for any information leaks. 

2.10 Judges understand we will use their names in our communications. We must outright state that you shall agree that we use your name in our “Ignition Innovation Competition” webpage and communication. 


You agree that you have read and agreed on the terms above. By proceeding further by judging and voting entries, you will be legally and ethically bound, as an “Ignition Innovation Competition” Jury Member, by this Agreement. Please do contact us if you have any issues with our jury membership terms and conditions, or if you would contribute with further ideas and conditions to make the system more efficient and more ethical or should you need clarifications. 

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