Ignition 2023 featured an array of demo sprints, case studies, and keynote speakers dedicated to the sports tech ecosystem.

Keep your finger on the pulse of the industry’s emergent themes, trends, and technologies driving fan and business innovation. Explore our featured sessions below…

The DFL, future of fandom, and technology’s role

  • How are the expectations of fans evolving in a more digital world?
  • What technologies are the DFL leveraging to deliver a more engaging experience?
  • Where do the DFL see the future of sports heading with more innovation being introduced?
Alex Altenhofen
Director Product & Tech | DFL

Comcast NBCUniversal SportsTech’s innovation strategy

  • How does Comcast NBCUniversal SportsTech’s accelerator program differ from others and what innovation do they see driving the sports industry?
  • What role do partners like the Premier League, NASCAR, and the PGA Tour play in their strategy?
  • How can start-ups stand out in a competitive landscape?
Jenna Kurath
VP, Startup Development & Head of Comcast |  NBCUniversal

MLS & the future of soccer media

  • How is MLS leveraging technology to design a new fan-first digital experience?
  • Why is their partnership with Apple an industry game-changer?
  • What is the strategy for MLS Labs and how will it benefit the fans?
  • How are the MLS approaching new technologies such as AI?
Chris Schlosser
SVP, Emerging Ventures | MLS

The role of immersive experiences - PGA Tour Scramble

  • How should traditional sports properties approach immersive platforms like Roblox?
  • What are the keys to creating a meaningful digital experience that fans will return to?
  • How do experiences like PGA Tour Scramble create long-term fans from Gen Z and younger audiences?
  • Why is it valuable to sync real-life PGA Tour action with virtual experiences and what role does data play?
Anne Detlefsen
Senior Director, Digital & Emerging Content | PGA Tour